25.5.14 Lux Foundry (1)

Lux Foundry is right around the corner from home and was the first place we “brunched” at when we moved to Brunswick, some two years ago. We were so excited that there was such a great brunch location so close to home. We’ve been back a few times since and always intend to return, as there are so many great options on the menu.

Laying in bed this morning checking Facebook, I stumbled across a post from Lux, advising they were changing their menu and that today would be the last opportunity to have their Ricotta and Orange Hotcakes! These have been on my wishlist for quite a while and I just had to get over there and try them before they were removed from the menu!! So I recruited my favourite brunch buddy, S, and off we went.

By our usual standards, we showed up fairly late at 11am. The place was packed, inside and out. Lux Foundry is beautiful converted heritage-listed warehouse in an industrial area of Brunswick, just off Sydney Road. It is typically “Brunswick”, effortlessly cool with an eclectic-industrial chic fit out. It is such a light and airy space with so much natural light due to those high ceilings. It is a stark contrast to the more dimly lit converted terrace houses, that are so common in Melbourne’s inner-suburban cafes.

Fortunately, as a group of two, we only had to wait a few minutes to be seated. We promptly ordered two lattes to ease our Sunday morning caffeine deprivation. Lux uses Proud Mary coffee beans and, usually, it is quite tasty. However, our first latte was seriously weak, which prompted us to order the second round as “strong lattes”. This was so out of character for Lux, we just put it down to a small hiccup.

25.5.14 Lux Foundry (2)

Orange and ricotta hotcakes with spiced pear compote, pistachio praline and Canadian maple

I ordered exactly as I intended the ricotta hotcakes with a side order of Andrew’s Choice bacon. They were just a delicious as they looked. Light, fluffy stack of hotcakes, sandwiched with the spiced pear compote, scattered praline and amazing maple syrup, with some mascarpone on the side. As always, I wished there was more syrup and mascarpone, but I am just greedy like that. I pretty happily smashed the whole plate! 🙂

25.5.14 Lux Foundry (3)

Smoked salmon on a cauliflower fritter with horseradish créme fraiche, capers, chives and lemon (w/add a poached egg)

S tossed up between the crispy eggs and breakfast quesadilla options, before deciding on the cauliflower fritters. The fritters were found to be pleasantly light, not dense like many have the tendency to be. Beautifully runny poached egg and fresh smoked salmon rounded out the dish. S only had only one qualm and that was that the creme fraiche didn’t have enough of the horseradish bite. Other than that, we were two very content customers.

Good service and great food led to another enjoyable Lux Foundry experience. I cannot wait to see what is on their new menu, perhaps some blood pudding for S?